“This wine shows off flavors of apples and ripe pears, with a touch of pineapple. A nicely balanced wine, it is rich, full and round, but has a solid acid structure. This pinot blanc pairs well with grilled fish tacos or chicken quesadillas.”

Christian Roguenant, Winemaker


The Arroyo Grande Valley on California’s Central Coast enjoys a long, cool growing season brought on by maritime influences from the great Pacific only four miles to the west. Pinot Blanc is a natural here, as the lengthened season allows the berries to fully ripen. The well drained soils of the Laetitia Vineyard, where the grapes for this wine were grown, add another dimension, and fruit of exceptional balance, complexity and elegance is the result.

In keeping with the tangent mission to deliver fresh, crisp wines made to be natural table-mates to a wide range of foods, this Pinot Blanc is vibrant and refreshing. It was made to let its intense varietal character shine through, without the influence of oak or malo-lactic fermentation. As in Alsace, tangent Pinot Blanc surprisingly holds up to traditional pork tenderloin dishes baked with potatoes and onions.