“This has become one of my favorite wines to make each vintage. I taste through the individual lots of all the tangent varieties, plus a few “extra” wines. I then make a few different trial blends. The wine seems to take on a life of its own during this process, and I very soon arrive at the final blend. This vintage showcases flavors of melon, pear, mandarin orange, and stone fruits. It is very aromatic and flowery, a touch sweet, and wonderfully refreshing. Enjoy it anywhere, anytime, with just about any cuisine.”

Christian Roguenant, Winemaker


As each tangent wine is made to highlight its individual variety, Ecclestone represents characteristics of each. This wine is the epitome of synergy – the entire tangent portfolio rolled into one, and then some. The blending process provides winemaker Christian Roguenant an opportunity to harken back to his French roots, and to spread his California winemaker wings at the same time. The envy of many winemakers, he is provided the opportunity to be extremely creative each vintage with this wine. As new single wines are added to the tangent line-up, they also become available for Christian to add to the Ecclestone blend if he chooses. There are no limits here – if it’s white and interesting, he’ll consider it.