Offering fresh, crisp and vibrant wines of true varietal character, tangent focuses solely on food-friendly white wines. This concept was developed by John Niven and Michael Blaney, members of the third grape-growing generation of the Niven family. tangent wines are made from grapes grown on their family’s vineyards in the Edna Valley, where Niven and Blaney live and breathe.


Made to be enjoyed with food, tangent wines are backed with lively acidity and highlight pure varietal flavors. There are no oak barrels associated with any of the wines, nor is there a need for malo-lactic fermentation. Clean varietal expression is a tangent imperative.


Bottled entirely with screwcap closures, tangent wines are meant to be enjoyed when young and fresh. The aim is to provide the same refreshing experience the winemaker enjoyed at bottling.