Edna Valley presents one of the longest growing seasons in California, providing the perfect situation to make these wines from grapes grown here. The heart of the valley is located on the globe at approximately 35 North and 120 West, and a mere four miles from the Great Pacific. These factors contribute to an even and temperate climate. Fog and cool breezes are pulled daily straight off the ocean, and into the Edna Valley. The berry clusters hang on the vine an average of three weeks longer than most other growing regions, developing concentrated flavors and intense aromatics while ripening.

tangent wines are made by veteran winemaker Christian Roguenant, who brings more than 20 years of winemaking experience, encompassing many countries and five continents. Born in Burgundy and educated in Dijon, Christian cut his winemaking teeth on Champagne, then California sparkling wine. In this process, grapes are picked at higher acid levels than for traditional wines, and fermented in stainless steel. Oak influence is not generally used, and the finished still wines are fresh and crisp with solid acid structure. These still wines are then blended and bottled with a dosage added to create effervescence. Christian enjoyed the still wines before blending so much that he would set aside enough to bottle and pour at his own table each vintage. When John and Michael approached him about their tangent idea, he was immediately on-board and eager to get started.