Winemaker christian roguenant

Known both as a conventional traditionalist and a rebellious renegade, Christian Roguenant is a unique mix of the two. The son of a conservative banker, he grew up in France where he learned to make wine using time-honored methods. He then proceeded to seek out innovative techniques all over the world.

Schooled at the University of Dijon, he earned not only a degree in Oenology, but also a Certificate of Marketing for Wine and Spirits. Dangerously over-educated even then, Christian’s insatiable thirst for novel methods led him to make wine in countless countries spread over five different continents.

Christian finds the style of the Tangent wines completely irresistible: pure varietal character, higher acid, minerality, food wines. They remind him of some of the individual varieties he made back in France for sparkling wines, as well as some whites he made in both the Loire Valley and New Zealand.

Christian’s aim is to ultimately bottle food-friendly white wines of pure varietal character. He works very hard to help make Tangent successful, both in and out of the cellar. But don’t be completely fooled – his ulterior motive is to have the perfect wine with the insane amount of oysters he puts away.

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